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Homburg introduces WaterXTR™ CO2 injection

Sustainable optimization of quality, efficiency and cost-effective of spraying liquids.
The Homburg WaterXTR ™ CO2 injection system treats water intended for spraying liquids. On the one hand, WaterXTR regulates and optimizes the pH value, on the other hand, the Hydroxynynamic System of WaterXTR ensures that the spray liquid is magnetized for even better coverage and adhesion to the crop.

With the WaterXTR ™ you can use a CO2 injection to optimize the pH of water to a pH of 5-7 in a sustainable and practical way. Hardness is reduced and the pH value is stabilized.

By acidifying water by CO2 injection, an optimal pH value of water is achieved which achieves a much better solubility of water-added crop protection liquids and fertilizers. In addition, CO2 protects the tank, pipes and nozzles against the growth and deposition of fungi, bacteria, algae and minerals.

Hardness of water
The hardness of the water has a great influence on crop protection liquids. The active substance is "neutralized" by hard water (calcium and magnesium), which eliminates the effect of expensive spray liquids. This is detrimental to the effectiveness of crop protection and / or fertilization.

Effect pH value on stability and effectiveness crop protection
The functionality and efficiency of crop protection and fertilization can be influenced by various factors including the sprayer setting, spraying speed, weather, temperature and products for crop protection suitability for the intended purpose. Often, poor crop protection performance is still caused by the negative effects of an excessive pH value of water.

Water with higher pH values of 7-10 occur more frequently than water with a pH of

This results in a poorer effect duet o loss of active substance, especially with multiple mixing of means, an optimal pH value is of great importance. In sensitive chemical compounds, hydrolysis can rapidly result in significant decomposition of active substances between the time of mixing in the tank and the time of spraying.

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For further information call Homburg Holland 0031 58 257 1555 or meet us at the Agritechnica (Hall 9, stand D04).

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Homburg Holland specializes in precision farming. All its machines are designed to minimize the impact on the soil and the environment.
Keeping the use of sprays to a minimum and reducing the carbon footprint contribute to optimal results.

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