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Periodic maintenance drainage pipes important for Land Reclamation

In the ICID news letter of December 2015 a whole article was written about drainage pipes. Periodic maintenance is very important for the quality of performing during its underground life cycle.

You can read the whole article of ICID here

What is ICID:
The International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID), established in 1950 is the leading scientific, technical and not-for-profit Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). ICID, through its network of professionals spread across more than a hundred countries, has facilitated sharing of experiences and transfer of water management technology for over half-a-century. ICID supports capacity development, stimulates research and innovation and strives to promote policies and programs to enhICID Brochureance sustainable development of irrigated agriculture through a comprehensive water management framework.

More information www.icid.org 

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