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Homburg Draincleaner HURRICANE is the ultimate drain cleaner, which unites all the technical features of the JUNIOR, DELTA AND SENIOR and all the drain cleaner manufacturing experience of Homburg Holland. The machine of choice for the professional who settles for nothing but the best of what is currently available on the market.
Homburg Draincleaner HURRICANE is also fitted with Dynamic Drive, the fully automatic drive system that makes it possible for users to achieve optimal drain cleaning results. After entering the maximum hydraulic pressure and the length of the drain pipe, the system will detect any blockage.
Once the drive system has reached the set value, the reel will automatically wind up the flushing hose. An alarm for the operator goes off as soon as the nozzle head has reached the drain opening. Homburg Draincleaner HURRICANE, fitted with Homburg Dynamic Drive, delivers superb ease of use.

Dynamic Drive is our umbrella term for a whole series of new functions we have added to our new Homburg Holland HURRICANE. Drain cleaning is simpler and more reliable with the Dynamic Drive:

• Obstacle Protection: when the Dynamic Drive detects an obstacle the feed is halted and a procedure is initiated to remove the obstacle;
• Proportional Control: electro-hydraulic proportional control;
• No-Stress Control: speed is automatically adjusted if increased resistance is encountered. The Dynamic Drive calculates the permissible resistance depending on the length of Homburg HPE hose already fed in;
• Traction Control: when slippage is detected the feed speed is reduced and eventually stopped, preventing unnecessary wear to the components.
• Distance Control: the user can input the desired feed distance, and once this is reached the hose is automatically rewound.
• Auto Stop: once the input procedure is complete the machine will stop automatically, the water pressure Homburg HPE hose will be switched off and the Dynamic Drive will give an audible signal.

Homburg Holland specializes in precision farming. All its machines are designed to minimize the impact on the soil and the environment.
Keeping the use of sprays to a minimum and reducing the carbon footprint contribute to optimal results.

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