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Homburg Draincleaner SENIOR is the professional machine of choice for contractors and businesses specialised in drainage maintenance work. Homburg Draincleaner SENIOR is easy and comfortable to use because many of its operations are hydraulic, such as folding in and out, height adjustment, swivelling sideways, and extension and retraction. The SENIOR comes with a 300-metre hose as a standard feature but can also be supplied with a 500-metre hose. Automatic hose guide is a standard feature on the Homburg Draincleaner SENIOR.

• Hydraulic roll-on/roll-off flushing hose using three hydraulic motors
• Four-wheel drive
• Continuously adjustable speed control
• Hydraulically foldable guide arm, adjustable in length
• Hydraulic horizontal swivelling
• Automatic hose guide
• Manometer for reading input pressure

Technical specs

Attachment three-point lifting device Cat. 2
- Hydraulic system 3 hydraulic motors / 4 cylinders 6-way steering valve / 2 control valves, one of which is pressure-compensated
- Tractor hydraulics single-acting steering valve with pressureless return or double-acting steering valve
- Oil required 10 - 15 litres/min
Water pump  
- Drive PTO - 1 3 / 8
- Max capacity 115 litres/min - 50 bar - 540 rpm
- Working capacity 70 - 80 ltr/min - 35 bar - 400 rpm
- Cleaning hose 300 m HPE-hose Ø 27 mm x 3,5 mm
- Suction hose 10 m 1 ¼” hose with steel inlay with filter and floater
- Return hose 10 mtr ¾” hose
- Nozzle

12 + 1 openings of 2,0 mm metre counter

Drive hydraulic motor with 2 driving wheels and 2 driving pressure wheels
- Speed control continuously variable
- Work speed max 20 - 30 m / min
Hose push in / pull out hydraulic for pushing in / pulling out
Hose manipulation automatic hose manipulation hydraulic height and length adjustment, hydraulic horizontally adjustable
- Empty approximately 720 kg
- Filled with water approximately 820 kg
- Dimensions l: 1,40 x w: 2,25 x h: 2,25 m
Warranty 1 year
  instruction book with parts list

For many years of low-maintenance drainpipe cleaning

The Homburg Drain Cleaner type JUNIOR, developed for many years low-maintenance cleaning drainpipes. A large amount of water, low pressure at the nozzle for easy cleaning of drainage systems. May be used standard on either side of the ditch, with a drain pit set ideal for working in wells.

Homburg Holland specializes in precision farming. All its machines are designed to minimize the impact on the soil and the environment.
Keeping the use of sprays to a minimum and reducing the carbon footprint contribute to optimal results.

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